#7 OMG! Get Your Boots!

OMG!  Lynnie just came rushing in from the yard hollering to get my boots on–that a deer was caught in the fence down by the goat shed below the garage! We could hear it thrashing against the half wall of the shed. The poor thing (one of the adolescent fawns) was hanging by his back leg from the upper fenced part of the pen near the roof!! Cannot figure out HOW the hell he ended up like that!!

Lynnie went inside the pen and I caught hold of the little guy’s head from the outside. This seemed to calm him, or maybe it just scared the shit out of him–but either way he stopped thrashing.

“Lift him up so I can get his hoof out!” Lynnie said. We were so afraid that his leg was broken. I lifted him and with the pressure off, Lynnie was able to get his leg free. I righted him, set him down on his feet and he shot off down the hill –using all four legs!!

SOOOOO glad!  My heart is still pounding.

Thank god for our Raleigh boy! He’s the one that kept barking till Lynnie went to investigate.

Wow! Now this is country living!!

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