#9 The Storm from Hell!!

By Ellys

storm10   (click here–wait for it–turn the sound up–wait for it!)

The flash that woke me at 3:20 this morning was followed by the  booming of thunder–some of the loudest thunder, I have ever heard.

Actually, as much as I have always loved thunder and lightening, I have never experienced such an intense and LONG storm. The video clip (click on ‘storm10’ above) is from before it heated up and when it did, the thunder shook the whole house!

For three hours, a full minute did not pass without lightening flashing and at times it was more like a fireworks display! The thunder was nearly continuous, echoing in the distant, rumbling across the far ridge or crashing directly overhead.

Needless to say, I’ve been up since 3:20 this morning–YAWN! –so I’ll probably hit the sack early!

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