#10 Blue Skies Smilin’ at Me…

By Ellys

In the three hours of the ‘storm from hell’, over two and a half inches of rain fell! A really cool, copper rain gage came with the property, so we don’t have to guess, or take the word of the local weather channel.rain gage

The short part of our road that is dirt and gravel, punctuated by larger rocks, turned into a river and the soft low place became a treacherous muddy slip and slide.

Given this was our first storm experience since moving here, we were relieved to hear from the locals that this was NOT a typical downpour.

Then again, with the whole El Niño predictions for this winter, it might become the norm!


And, yes—the storm did, indeed pass. The sun returned to warm our bones and dry the mud.

Within a few days, the pasture and the hillsides turned an emerald green. All those little seeds, fried in the 106-degree summer heat, wasted no time bursting out of their dried shells.

The turkeys seemed to like the menu change from hard hulls to a salad of sprouts!green pasture

And the song concludes: Blue days, all of them gone. Nothin’ but blue skies from now on.

I would like to say the rest of the song exemplifies our on-going experience at the homestead, but as we all know, ‘nothing but blue skies’ is unrealistic and frankly boring.

As unsettling as the storm can be, clouds are bound to gather, which is far more interesting than the clear, single hum of cerulean!

I say, enjoy the sky, however it presents itself!


PS: I just discovered how to make the photos bigger. Very excited. (I know–lame, right? But, hey, I’m easy. 🙂

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