#17 What’s Up on the Homestead?

Though our February has been fairly mild, January was quite stormy and frigid (see photos below). Total rainfall in January (per our official rain gage) amounted to 7.25 inches. The creek that runs through the ranch down from us, on Hanks exchange, turned into a raging mini-river and the culvert on our road had to be repaired.6b89db95-69e7-4d2c-8d79-55b75b067df7

All the rain keeps the homestead a beautiful emerald green, but of course, that means, come summer, a lot of weed whacking will be needed. You all feel free to come on by and we’ll put you to work! ( Morgan remembers doing that at the cabin, right, Mo?) What with the weed eaters we had, plus a couple from the cabin and the three or four left here by the previous owners, we have plenty of tools! Lynnie has already had to weed eat the garden area twice, just to work on getting it ready for spring planting, which is just around the corner.FullSizeRendera

JD and I have been working at building steps and paths, etc. to make more of the garden useable. Exhausting, but fun!garden

We have had several more burn days–working at clearing the down and dead ‘tinder’ (dry branches and leaves)–to make the property safer from wild fire. This is an ongoing task.

The homestead’s latest work tool is a UTV named Green. (Pictures to follow) It’s a wonderful little vehicle that allows us to access much more of the property, move heavy stuff from place to place and winch branches to the burn areas.

Lynnie finally broke down and got a bigger hummingbird feeder. She was needing to refill this small one about every 8-10 hours! The new one lasts for nearly two days! We have often had as many as ten birds feeding at once.IMG_2250

The grain, bird feeder has been discovered by the turkeys. IMG_2459The other day several flew up onto the back deck and took over!!

Frightened all the goldfinches and chickadees away!

We are so loving the Homestead—having the kids here, having the property to enjoy together, the friendly community and great restaurants to explore! We comment to each other, nearly every day, how grateful we are for it all.

P.S. The photos below are from a series taken after a freezing rain and strong wind left these amazing designs on the sunroom windows! Magical! No? (Click on them to view them bigger.)

zIMG_1903crop zIMG_1910crop zIMG_1930crop

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