#18 Ready-Made Hiking

It’s impossible for me to take a casual stroll on this property. I just wanted to take a look at the stream and see how our on and off rain is working out. It’s shockingly easy to navigate our VERY steep, wooded plot of land because it’s practically a highway network of animal trails. The problem is that the trails are so extensive that it’s easy to get lost. It’s not a huge property so it’s not like I’m in some kind of danger but more than once I’ve tried to get back to a certain location and found myself somewhere ENTIRELY new. It’s lovely and warm right now, the ground has already sucked up the massive but brief rain we got.

 12768141_1544818989181043_3267178320778321597_o 12779105_1544818839181058_2669695272939223220_o 12768137_1544818835847725_9193724873790995210_o 12779010_1544818822514393_3977434861242905316_o 12715465_1544818789181063_1404596562655002721_n 12742252_1544818692514406_3276657956205646395_n 12717473_1544818545847754_7986768091050176783_n 12717680_1544818542514421_421759543770345015_n

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