#22 Better Late Then Never!

OMG! It has been so very long since we have posted here! Let me give you a brief update.

This has been a very long, and very dark, and very sad winter!

1. Our precious Homestead member and Kim’s mother, Robin, passed away in the late Fall. She had not been well and had decided to move to a cooler-in-the-summer and warmer-in-the-winter environs. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, she was suffering from a brain disease and succumbed shortly after her move. It was shocking for all of us, but of course, most painful for Kim and her family. We all miss her sweet spirit and kind heart!

2. The election results left us all wondering how a nation that fancies itself Christian, could elect this truly evil man… Since when did the Bible support bigotry, misogyny, sexual assault, greed and ‘alternative truths’? I am disgusted by these ‘so-called’ Christians who voted for him, continue to support him, even defend him and his deplorable behavior and executive actions.

I do know what Jesus would say: “Depart from me! I never knew you! For I was hungry and you defunded ‘Meals on Wheels’ and slashed food stamps for the poor. I was thirsty and you defunded ‘WIC’, denying me the milk I need to feed my baby and slashed the Environmental Protection Agency who makes sure I get safe, clean water. I was a stranger and you banned my admittance, and broke up my family by deporting my mother, and refused to protect me from sex trafficking. I was naked and joked about grabbing my pussy or you criticized me for exposing too much skin—and said I was ‘asking to be raped’ and it was a blessing if I got pregnant, but if I got an abortion, I should be punished. I was sick and you mocked my disability, took away my health insurance and denied me medical procedures I could not afford. I was in prison and you privatized them and forced me into near slave labor so you could make a profit off my misfortune, rather than show me a better way.”

Please, please let’s all work to shift the power in the 2018 midterm elections!

3.These dark days have had weather to match!! Perhaps the skies are crying with all of us! I truly empathize with those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder! It has been hard even for those of us who don’t! This winter has seen more cloudy, rainy days by far than last year! In January alone, we had 18.22 inches of rain with a total so far this year of over 56 inches. It’s a wonder we are still on the side of this hill!

AND, there have been bright parts as well:
–We have enjoyed the several snowstorms we’ve had.

The last snow was this morning! (4-8-17) Now, the sun is out! Yippee!
–The drought is officially over in California! HooRay!
–When the sun has come out, rainbows have abounded!
–We are all relatively healthy as are our collective five dogs and three cats.
–We are excited about getting the garden ready for spring planting.
–We are soooo grateful for Joe, our dude who keeps the weeds down!
–Looking forward to new growth, expansion, and exploration this spring!         –We enjoyed some great visits from Julie and Stephany, Sandra, Brooke, Matt and darling June, Jenny, Elise and Rebeccah, Revital, Ivy and Pink, Reba, Gabe, Micheal, and Naomi. Art projects, walks, poker games, photo shows, good fun and good conversations! Thanks to all of you for bringing some brightness into the season!

(I just realized I am over-using exclamation marks!! Oh, well! It has been that kind of winter!)

After the debacle of the election, I wrote the following poem:

Up from the Ashes

We sit in the cinders and weep with the children.
The hopes we once held, are lost in the dust.
Our tears trail down our ash coated faces.
The strength deep within us covered with rust.

Our limbs are unmoving, our bellies are sickened.
Eyes, once filled with wonder, see nothing today.
Where singing once filled us with anticipation,
Our voices, now silent, have nothing to say.

We sit in the ashes and wonder what’s coming,
Despairing, disheartened , unable to pray.
We circle each other with arms that are aching
And find in that comfort the courage to stay.

And up from the ashes a spark starts to glowing.
We fashion our Phoenix and breathe life anew.
With wings of fresh vision the struggle before us
Is something, we now know, we surely can do.

We mount to the sky on the winds of intention
Held fast by our purpose, compassion, and soul.
Together, as one, we strengthen each other.
Up out of these ashes we march toward our goal.

I stand alongside you, my heart filled with knowing.
This battle, though trying, will one day be ours.
The love that runs through us is what we are growing.
It’s what our world needs in these difficult hours.

Blessed be and so it is!
~SD Saxon

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