#23 Spring has Sprung–and Then Some!

Everything has burst out with the warmer weather and all the rain we’ve had this winter and spring! Coming home through Squaw Hollow, is such a pleasure! We love this view across from our mailbox and our front yard has its own beauty!

Fun news! We finally got chickens!! After hearing about how quickly chickens disappear around this area, due to predators, JD and I created a chicken fortress, with pen attached to the coop we built last year.

Once complete, Kim researched the breeds so we could decide which ones we wanted. Happily, a place locally called the Chicken Palace, had the ones we wanted and we picked out four juvenile hens. After much cogitation, we decided to name them after the Golden Girls.

The Marans (black with white) is Sophia and will lay chocolate brown eggs. Rose is a Wyandotte (black with brown) and though currently she is the smallest, she is the bravest. She will lay light brown eggs.

Blanch is a beautiful white and black Brahma and she will lay large brown eggs. The Easter Egger (light brown with a gray head and fluffy ‘muffs’) is Dorothy and she will lay blue and/or green eggs. 

They really are quite fun and we all enjoy them. Lynnie says she enjoys just sitting by their pen and watching them or talking to them as she works in the garden! And since the chicken pen is inside the garden fencing, she has lots of opportunity to do so. Lynell has worked very hard on the garden and it is looking lush and lovely! We have tomatoes plants, cucumbers, squash, beans, beets, pumpkins, peppers, corn –as well as the ‘ladies’.

The first sighting of a snake on the homestead was exciting and, to varying degrees, frightening. Kim ID’d it as a gopher snake, but Joe and Lynnie thought it might be a rattler…Yikes!

Kim was right (thankfully!) Even though the markings are similar and gopher snakes strike and shake their tails, they are imposters. Rattlers have shorter stockier bodies, wide triangular heads and rattles on the shaking tail! It was a 4/5 feet long gopher snake and very feisty! They are harmless and in fact tend to keep rattlesnakes away! JD plucked the snake off the gate (Joe was afraid of it and ready to behead it, but we wouldn’t let him!) and put it in their backyard.

JD and I continue to work on cleaning out what we call the poo barn. It was NEVER mucked out by the former owners, I am quite certain! We finally got enough of the goat poo out, which as you can see, is about two and a half feet high, to put a ladder up and look into the upper ‘hay loft’.

JD reported about two inches of dust on the floor and dirty spider webs, not unlike the lower portion.

We are hoping to clean it all up (once the poo is shoveled out), repaint and put siding up and turn the loft into a ‘bunkhouse’ space.

The downside of all the rain and sunshine is an invasion of sticker-burrs and foxtails! Though Joe tries to keep them cut down, they persevere!! Raleigh dog just had to have surgery to have a foxtail removed from his foot!


Well, that about does it for ‘what’s new on the homestead’!

Thanks for reading. Leave us a comment or two!



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3 Responses to #23 Spring has Sprung–and Then Some!

  1. sandra

    Thanks for the great update! I am so glad I can imagine it all.
    congrats on the chickens! sounds fun!

  2. Gary Bodwin

    Life on the Prairie Frontier is quite an Adventure and looks great. I suppose the work never ends. The photos are beautiful. You made great progress on the Poo barn. Are you planning for an August trip to Oregon for the Eclipse? I’m gonna contact you about those communities north of Bend, like Madras or Mill City. Do you have any familiarity with either of these places?
    Love to you all.


  3. danny and janet

    That’s nice!

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