#26 Another New Year!

Things have been hopping around the Homestead since Halloween/Samhain!

The Homestead crew (both human and fur friends) spent a quiet Thanksgiving and Christmas, warm and snug and happy!






Zelda seemed to love having a tree inside and slept every night under its branches.

The rainfall so far this year has been just less than 14 inches, while last year at this time our homestead total was just over 38 inches! This combination of just enough rain and many sunny days turned the homestead an emerald green and both deer and turkeys, enjoyed it!


This also allowed for a lot more work to be done on the property and our barn projects have benefited from it!



This is the main floor of the upper barn.(This is the one JD and I shoveled goat poo out of …) Now with the spiral stairs, the sliding glass door in the back and the lovely white walls, it is really taking shape. In this photo, JD is working on the comic collage panels for the walls of our privy! Cool, huh!






The privy now has walls! With another vintage window and the comic panels, it looks Marvel-ous!! Get it? *grin*






The loft of the upper barn is lovely and bright now. After a good vacuuming (the dust was over an inch thick on the floor) power washing and paint, the space is magical! We added a sweet vintage window over the front doors and another tall window at the back for added light. Looking forward to putting some rugs down and such! (Check previous entries for the before pictures!)

The lower section of the lower barn has also been transformed from a goat poo filled, broken doored, dank unusable space into Lynnie’s nursery. She loves it, as do her plants!

Kim and JD’s yard (remember the wonderful flowers) is being made into a terraced flower garden and Kim has designed a place for even more flowers and photo ops in the adjacent field. Once JD took the metal roof panels off, the (yet another) goat shed behind their place, it has become a trellised space where a shade garden will live. It is all very exciting! Please check out their website at www.loftyviewflowerfarm.com . It is a beautiful site (Kim is a masterful website designer) and what is on the horizon will be magnificent!

Watch for their Kickstarter coming in February!

More adventures ahead!!




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  1. Cindy

    Lovely, congratulations!

  2. sandra

    Thanks for another installment of the good life
    on lofty view. so happy for you.It surely feels amazing to transform those barns and gardens etc etc!!!! Seeing it for myself will. e “EPIC

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