#27 Lofty View Flower Farm Kickstarter!

We are excited to announce the Kickstarter fundraiser for Lofty View Flower Farm! Designed and spearheaded by Dusty, this wonderful venture to create a flower farm for photographers and pollinators, picnickers and flower lovers needs your support! Click on the link below to read and watch and learn all about it! We would be grateful for your support and the sharing of this link with your friends!! Thanks! OXOXO

We only have until March 10th to reach our goal!







This is just one of the magical gifts offered for your donation!





In other transformation updates: JD and I have been working hard in the upper barn’s loft.  It has become a lovely space to hang out (literally) and enjoy the view, read a book or do art. To refresh your memory, I have included a before photo. (That is 2 to 3 inches of dirt and dust on the floor. Nasty!)









It is such a lovely space now!






This hanging chair is soooo comfortable and relaxing!




The downstairs is slowing becoming our gallery space.

More photos coming…

It has been a very mild winter with many lovely sunny days!

However, this morning it was 27 degrees out and the ice formations on the sun-room windows, gorgeous! There was even a small snow flurry!

We have all been starting seeds inside in preparation for planting after the last frost, which was supposed to be this week! Ummm, well that will have to wait for a bit. Forecast says another ten days of freezing overnight temps! Brrrr!

That’s it for now! Love to all!

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