#28 A Change of Plans! It Just Keeps Getting Better!

All of us here at Lofty View Homestead are excited about this new direction!

Here, I’ll let Dusty explain:

“March 2nd, 2018

To all my generous and loving friends, family and supporters:

We’ve got a big announcement. I know we’ve still got a week of our fundraising goal of $5000, but it turns out that fate has led us down a different and really exciting path for the farm.

After getting some excellent advice from the local artistic community, the family sat down to rethink how we approach the flower farm and reconsider how we can use it in a positive way.

My friends, instead of creating a flower farm and botanical garden, we’re going to create a flower farm and monarch butterfly conservation site. By cutting a large part out of the fenced-in area of the botanical garden design (and the gazebo), we can DRASTICALLY lower our building costs so we aren’t pressed for up-front funds.

We’re seeking other forms of funding and my hope is that we will be able to have visitors this summer for a meager fee or even by donation instead of relying on high-cost private garden rentals. And we will grow nearly half an acre of narrow leaf milkweed and monarch habitat. This is REALLY what I wanted to create. Something accessible to the public, that supports the community and the local ecology.

When I started conceiving this project late last year, it was with a vision mainly of sharing the wildlife in our area. Obviously the flowers have been amazing but what was REALLY special about last year was everything living out in our garden. To be able to build something to share with the public, I tried to design a garden that would be spacious and multi-functional, my hope being that the interest would be strong enough to be funded by those with money to pay high price points or purchase the crafts on the campaign. Then, I imagined, we’d be able to invite some of the less fortunate to the farm for free.

As I started making connections in the portrait industry, I got a lot of enthusiasm but it was quickly clear that my thoughts on what the going rates of these sort of sites (at least in our rural area) was way off. And as the experiences cooked, I was drawn back to a dreamy idea I’d played with for a while last year. I went over and over it in my head. Researched it. Redesigned. And it felt right.

Apparently this is my field of dreams, except mine’s full of butterflies.

And now this will OFFICIALLY BE A REALITY because we don’t need Kickstarter!

I want to both thank and apologize to the talented professionals of El Dorado and Sacramento Counties who I contacted, only to suddenly take a sharp turn with the project. Your responses, interest and advice have fueled the family in the right direction. The truth is, I feel so much better to be able to make a magical but *affordable* place to visit, with a flat cost for everyone.

So, I’m going to go ahead and cancel the Kickstarter funding but don’t shed a tear for us. This is a big win, not a loss. This high-speed journey has lead us to a new path that I think will be far better and more meaningful than the original goal. And far more emotionally rewarding, as the owner/designer.

I cannot thank you all backers enough for your support as I barrelled into this campaign. In less than two weeks we raised $2000! The pledges and the shares and the kind words and ideas are honestly making me really emotional. Your confidence in us and willingness to have our backs is just… I don’t have words.

If you pledged for getting an item like an ornament or a photo holder, you’ll still be able to buy those online sometime soon. While the garden is growing over the next couple months, we’re going to give a try at doing a family Etsy store with some of our crafts. I’ll make a post on the KS system when we’ve got that up. In the meantime, I’ve set up Instagram and Facebook @ LoftyViewFlowerFarm and I’ll be using those to share the progress this spring.

I’ll have to hunt down my Audubon California butterfly guide from my childhood. When I was a kid, my dad and I would catch butterflies, identify them and release them after recording our sighting in the book. I’ll have to start marking it again this spring.

With all my love,


 **If you donated toward the Kickstarter, and would still like to make that contribution, we would be grateful! You can do this through PayPal and send it to: Kim@scuttlebutt-inc.com


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